Auberoche sahara wall panelling

Auberoche sahara wall panelling

Like a sea of hot sand as far as the eye can see… Certain stones used in soil are exploited in the direction of their natural bed, parallel to the strata. Operated in a perpendicular direction, these stones reveal their strata, symbolically offering patterns that are often lined, with a judicious aesthetic for vertical walls. But it is necessary to consolidate them by the honeycomb support. In doing so, this will also make it possible to produce large dimensions (1m x 2.50m) which, due to the stone thickness reduced to 1 cm or even 0.5 cm, combine lightness, strength and maneuverability.

Width 60 cm x length 100 to 250 cm, thickness 1 cm + 1 cm honeycomb support.

Softened finish.

Non-contractual photo

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