Occitan pavers

An old calade effect in a beige-ocher stone for a most authentic rendering.

The Occitan pavers revives an old practice of paving stones of small and medium dimensions, unsuitable for the size of paving.

The disparity of formats and colors, the free sequence of installation and the natural beauty of Auberoche stone, reveal authentic paving with natural charm. An invitation to dawdle.

But also an invitation to all your development projects: medieval villages, village center, country house, castle paths and courtyards, character villas ...

This concept of recycling paving, coupled with laying on sand favoring the infiltration of water makes it a particularly ecological solution.

Auberoche all shades.

Height 5 to 10 cm - Face seen: from 2 x 5 to 30 x 40 cm.

Rolled finish.

Non-contractual photo

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