À la carte

A la carte – cuisine

Upholstery fabric Meubles Guiral

Our à la carte are your very personal inspiration recipes. They invite tailor-made or mobilize original compositions from elements pecked here and there in the range. You are at the piano!


A la carte - cuisine - meubles

Des Furniture from sustainably managed forests, with superior quality standards, some of whom from noble essences. A range of exclusive facades, from solid veneer to natural wood. Boxes made in several finishes to ensure perfect harmony with the choice of facades.

Controlled manufacturing embodied at all stages of design, to innovative industrial standards.

A la carte - cuisine - plan de travail

Des work plans extracted from the best mineral veins from our 3 nearby quarries or selected with rigor and expertise, around premium materials: marble, composites, glass ... Worktops from our beautiful forests, naturally in wood, mainly with the endemic species of our regions that is oak, in all its interpretations and finishes. All these materials come from natural, sustainable and noble selections.

A la carte - cuisine - électroménager

A choice ofhome appliance limitless, from the traditional revisited to the latest novelties packed with technological innovation. In any case, a range with the quality standards of the moment and the possibility of leaving you… all the possibilities.

With our à la carte, you are a designer, in signature of your kitchen! Yours, at home, and nowhere else.