The authentic

Les authentiques – cuisine

Upholstery fabric Meubles Guiral

Our authentic signify the timeless, along with the nostalgia for the family home. They proudly underline the identity codes of our regions. They come from a careful, generous, labeled, and naturally traditional invoice. They source their creation from materials selected for their robustness, their nobility, their origin and their ease of maintenance.


Les authentiques - cuisine - meubles

Des Furniture from sustainably managed forests, with superior quality standards, some of which come from noble species. A range of exclusive facades, often molded, from solid veneer to natural wood. Boxes made in several finishes to ensure perfect harmony with the choice of facades.

Controlled manufacturing embodied at all stages of design, to innovative industrial standards. 

Les authentiques - cuisine - décor minéral

A mineral decor which distinguishes the exclusivity of creation. Sinks carved out of massive natural stone. Stone walls with a plush and soothing charm, which house a wine cellar and other reservations for stemmed glasses ... 

Les authentiques - cuisine - plans de travail

Des work plans solid, in natural stone, in granite, lava stone enamelled, but also in wood, mainly with the endemic species of our regions which is oak, in all its interpretations and finishes. All these materials come from natural, sustainable and noble selections. Thus, authentic cuisine always puts stone or wood on the menu.

Kitchen - appliances

A selection ofhome appliance from the biggest brands, with an authentic and robust design. A heritage of the French art of living, without concession to performance and innovation. Our authentic sign the returns of gas stoves and their colorful hoods, aesthetic and sophisticated pianos, retro or hidden refrigerators ...

Des éléments de Designs elements underline the creative bias. With ornate furniture handles and handcrafted taps with unique codes… they bring noble materials back to the menu.