The festive

Les festives – cuisine

Upholstery fabric Meubles Guiral

Our festive combine all the benefits of cooking. They invite colors, even the most tonic. They receive with all the ingredients of conviviality. They set tables very simply. They stand up to hectic daily life and spicy evenings.


Les festives - cuisine - meubles

Des Furniture with an unlimited chromatic palette, with finishes with or without “glitter”. All inspirations, tastes are in their nature. From sustainably managed forests, with superior quality standards, they are suitable for consumption without moderation.

Manufacturing to innovative industrial standards, controlled and embodied at all stages of the design.

Les festives - cuisine - plans de travail

Des work plans counter style, even in the log spirit, when they are available in wood. Placed in a central island or in a more conventional way. But all are made from materials selected for their strength and ease of maintenance.

Kitchen - appliances

An environment ofhome appliance typified and adapted to this culinary conception. Beyond the basics, the festive ones are suitable for plancha, barbecue, wok and other wine cellars ...

Two final bistro-style touches with the essentials eat standing up who sit in front of the counter or around the central island and pendant lights esprit billard.