The starry

Les étoilées – cuisine

Upholstery fabric Meubles Guiral

Our starry express cooking as an art of living. They invite a concentrate of premium. They express the taste for discreet and timeless aesthetics backed by the requirements of ergonomic design. They signify manufacturing excellence and the perfect integration of the latest innovations.

180522 OP 050

Les étoilées - cuisine - meubles

Des Furniture from sustainably managed forests, with superior quality standards, some of which come from noble species. A range of exclusive facades, from solid veneer to natural wood. Boxes made in several finishes to ensure perfect harmony with the choice of facades.

Controlled manufacturing embodied at all stages of design, to innovative industrial standards. 

Les étoilées - cuisine - plans de travail

Des work plans extracted from the best mineral veins from our 3 nearby quarries or selected with rigor and expertise, around premium materials: marble, composites, glass ...

Les étoilées - cuisine - électroménager

A selection ofhome appliance signed by the biggest brands, or even exclusively, to accommodate in the home kitchen, with ease of use, the technology usually reserved for professionals.

A chef inaugurates starred cuisine ... He shares his chef's hat secrets with your guests, around a cooking class "served" at home. The preparations are tasted in his company during the inaugural lunch or dinner to follow. 

An immersive experience to be consumed on site!