Our company

Our company

In 1977, Jean-Luc Bertrand created his stone-making craft business at ST-PIERRE LAFEUILLE, near CAHORS. Passionate about drawing, architecture and old stones, he worked mainly for the restoration of Quercy houses and some regional castles.

In 1993, after a few years of collaboration with his brother Joël, they created the OCCITANIE PIERRES company, which then took on an industrial vocation with the opening of the quarries of BORREZE and AUBEROCHE in LIMEYRAT in PERIGORD as well as the implantation of a ” workshops and sawmill in SAINT-HENRI on the commune of CAHORS.

At its creation Occitanie Pierres had about ten employees, today, nearly 50 people.

During its development over the last 15 years, the company has always combined the installation of industrial equipment for the production of pavements and wall cladding with the maintenance of its initial artisanal vocation.

Today, mining, sawing and handling require the most modern materials, while the pavement finishes are always done manually and require the “paw” and the waist that make Occitanie Pierres famous.

Stone size
Our company

We have a size workshop and a machining center equipped with modern equipment. This allows us to offer all types of architectural elements and tailor-made custom work. In particular, they are cut, shaped and aged on request at our site in Cahors, arches, lintels, flower beds, pillars, columns, pediments, cornices, balustrades, chimneys, fountains, staircases, thresholds, borders … We also offer marble, work tops, basins, sinks, credences, and funerals. The diversity of our careers and finishes allows our stones to match in most of our regions, for creations or restorations. This diversity adapts to the tastes and needs of everyone, whether you are an individual, a professional, or a community.

Our expertise
Our company

30 years of experience have enabled us to acquire a complete and efficient equipment (see tab “production tools”), to answer all types of projects. A commercial department is at your disposal to study each project, we have the Autocad software to consult and create 3D notebooks. We have been operating the quarries of Auberoche and Borrèze for more than 20 years, and know them in every detail, to ensure our customers a wide choice and incomparable quality. During our evolution we have also improved the quality of our finishes and innovated in stone size, to propose new products and new finishes. Our knowledge and our reputation, make us, today, one of the French leader in stone cutting.